Kosher hotel already received 16 thousand visitors

About to turn two years old – opened in February 2016, although the official opening was only at the April party that year – Belmonte Sinai Hotel has already registered over 16,000 customers.

The number is advanced to JF by the unit’s new general manager, Ricardo Abreu, who recently took office.

“Belmonte Sinai Hotel begins a new stage in the life of this venture, with the hiring of Ricardo Abreu from Cró Hotel, having gone through several projects, including Turistrela and the Rossim Ecoresort Valley, and with a strong experience in tourist programming, communication and events. With it will come the implementation of various thematic programs and a new approach to the customer and the world of tourism, ”explains hotel management.

“It’s a big challenge, in a unit that is in one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, where culture and traditions are still the roots. Cultural, gastronomic and nature tourism programs will be part of the daily life of the unit ”, explains Ricardo Abreu.

Belmonte Sinai Hotel has 27 rooms, a restaurant with stunning views of Serra da Estrela and Cova da Beira and is located in the center of Belmonte, close to the various museums. It was labeled as Portugal’s first kosher hotel and so it is only natural that many of the customers are Jewish.

“First of all it is important to say that we are a hotel open to the world and not just to the Jewish market. But for example at this time of year there are even more Jews on our client list. The Israeli market is indeed very important to us, ”says Ricardo Abreu, adding that there are other nationalities“ who travel to Belmonte in order to know their ancestors, such as Brazilians, Americans and Spaniards ”, who also appreciate “the culture and gastronomy of Portugal”.

the 20th of december, 2017
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