Silvares gains a new elderly home

2019 marks the beginning of the construction of the new Estrutura Residencial Para Idosos em Silvares. It will have 20 beds and will be originated from the requalification of the old building of the blackout residency, which was bought one year ago by the Associação de Solidariedade Social de Silvares.

“It is a project that is in pending the approval of the social security, and that as soon as it has the approval will be sent to the urbanism department of Fundão’s city hall, around April or May. I would guess that the construction will be taking place in the summer and that in the spring of next year the building can be inaugurated and ready to serve the ones in need”.

The project, with a value of 600 thousand euros will be financiered by the association, the city hall and a bank loan. According to Carlos Jerónimo, to the public tender will be added 50 thousand euros to requalification work of the community center of Lameiras.

“There is an outdoors space that will be covered in order to run ludic activities since the original building is from 2012 and some improvements are needed, that corresponds to the 50 thousand euros that we will include in the public tender”.

According to the director of the Associação de Solidariedade Social de Silvares, this was the solution to give answer to a need felt daily at the community center of Lameiras, where the waiting list is large, and the solicitations occur daily.

the 16th of january, 2019
Rádio Cova da Beira – Paula Brito